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This here is a collection of links to all my major works.

Definition- major work:: any story that's length is / will soon be above 10 pages.

Stories are sorted by their completion status (on going stories are posted above completed stories) and then posted in choronogical order by first post.

Songs for Daddy:
(on going)

To prologue (Nightswimming): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/7602.html

To chapter 1 (The Wrong Child): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/7763.html

To chapter 2 (Photograph): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/8320.html

To chapter 3 (Lonely Day): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/9346.html

To chapter 4 (She's the Blade): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/10116.html

To chapter 5 (Wonderful): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/10489.html

To chapter 6 (Closer To You): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/10986.html

To chapter 7 (Be My Escape): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/11268.html

To chapter 8 (Walk Unafraid): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/12000.html

To chapter 9 (For You I Will): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/12284.html

To chapter 10 (Easier To Run): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/12646.html

To chapter 11 (World Leader Pretend): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/12918.html

To chapter 12 (Drive): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/13512.html

To chapter 13 (Bon Dia): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/14316.html

To chapter 14, part 1 (You Found Me): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/14823.html

To chapter 14, part 2 (You Found Me): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/15060.html

To chapter 15 (Gomenasai): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/15330.html

To chapter 16, part 1 (Song from an American Movie (part 2)): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/15657.html

To chapter 16, part 2 (Song from an American Movie (part 2)): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/15489.html

To chapter 17 (Keep Trying): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/16101.html

To chapter 18 (Defy You): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/16599.html

To chapter 19 (Father of Mine): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/16776.html

To chapter 20 (Can't Repeat): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/17662.html

To chapter 21 (Bad Day): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/18552.html

To chapter 22, part 1 (Children): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/19629.html

To chapter 22, part 2 (Children): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/19920.html

To chapter 23, part 1 (Lullaby for a Stormy Night): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/23762.html

To chapter 23, part 2 (Lullaby for a Stormy Night): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/23946.html

To chapter 24, part 1 (Because of You): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/24899.html

To chapter 24, part 2 (Because of You): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/25192.html

To chapter 25, part 1 (My Immortal): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/27017.html

To chapter 25, part 2 (My Immortal): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/27331.html

To chapter 26, (Picking Up Pieces): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/28624.html

To chapter 27, (I Don't Care): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/28828.html

To chapter 28, (Wonderwall): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/28957.html

To chapter 29, (Home): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/29238.html

To chapter 30, part 1 (All About Us): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/30918.html

To chapter 30, part 2 (All About Us): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/31147.html

To chapter 31 (Best of What's Around): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/32440.html

To chapter 32 (Hanging By a Moment): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/33615.html

To chapter 33, part 1 (The Answer): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/34800.html

To chapter 33, part 2 (The Answer): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/35007.html

To chapter 34 (Let Me Go): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/35734.html

To chapter 35, part 1 (Breaking Inside): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/36251.html

To chapter 35, part 2 (Breaking Inside): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/36498.html

To chapter 35, part 3 (Breaking Inside): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/36834.html

To chapter 36 (If Today Was Your Last Day): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/37363.html

To chapter 37 (Headstrong): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/38596.html

To chapter 38 (You're Gonna Go Far Kid): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/41356.html

To chapter 39 (Mad World): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/42372.html

To chapter 40, part 1 (Everybody Hurts): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/43613.html

To chapter 40, part 2 (Everybody Hurts): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/43959.html

To chapter 41 (The Real Me): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/47275.html

To chapter 42, part 1 (Forgiven): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/47861.html

To chapter 42, part 2 (Forgiven): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/47903.html

To chapter 43 (Everytime We Touch): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/50895.html

To chapter 44, part 1 (Opheliac): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/52964.html

To chapter 44, part 2 (Opheliac): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/53010.html

To chapter 44, part 3 (Opheliac): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/53455.html

To chapter 45 (The Darker Side of Me): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/57913.html

To chapter 46 (You're Gonna Pay): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/58170.html

To chapter 47, part 1 (Play the Game Tonight): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/59532.html

To chapter 47, part 2 (Play the Game Tonight): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/59745.html

To chapter 47, part 3 (Play the Game Tonight): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/59905.html

To chapter 47, part 4 (Play the Game Tonight): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/60340.html

To chapter 47, part 5 (Play the Game Tonight): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/60542.html

To chapter 47, part 6 (Play the Game Tonight): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/60816.html

To chapter 47, part 7 (Play the Game Tonight): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/61000.html

To chapter 47, part 8 (Play the Game Tonight): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/61304.html

To chapter 47, part 9 (Play the Game Tonight): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/61529.html

To chapter 47, part 10 (Play the Game Tonight): bar-ohki.livejournal.com/61738.html

To the Father's Day Special: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/23216.html

To other specials and fanart: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/44062.html

Letters Home (revised)
: (on going)

Correspondence 1: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/22252.html

Correspondence 2: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/22693.html

Correspondence 3: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/24237.html

Correspondence 4: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/26330.html

Correspondence 5: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/27499.html

Correspondence 6: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/30506.html

Correspondence 7: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/31805.html

Correspondence 8: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/35155.html

Correspondence 9: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/39612.html

Correspondence 10: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/45040.html

Correspondence 11: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/47004.html

Correspondence 12:

Correspondence 13:

Correspondence 14:

Correspondence 15:

Correspondence 16:

Correspondence 17:

Letters to the Field: (on going)

Correspondence 1: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/22292.html

Correspondence 2: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/22876.html

Correspondence 3: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/24385.html

Correspondence 4: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/26393.html

Correspondence 5: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/27681.html

Correspondence 6: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/30210.html

Correspondence 7: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/32117.html

Correspondence 8: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/35525.html

Correspondence 9: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/39308.html

Correspondence 10: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/45258.html

Correspondence 11: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/46699.html

Correspondence 12:

Correspondence 13:

Correspondence 14:

Correspondence 15:

Correspondence 16:

Correspondence 17:

Resoultion Fics: (completed)

January: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/3873.html

February: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/6955.html

March: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/11720.html


May: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/16958.html

June: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/17911.html

And that's where I stopped.

The Last Hurrah: (completed)

Part 1: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/2814.html

Part 2: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/2868.html

Part 3: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/3087.html

Closing Time:

Part 1: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/6518.html

Part 2: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/7386.html

Part 3: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/8474.html

Part 4a: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/9892.html

Part 4b: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/9667.html

Other Fics: www.fanfiction.net/u/71802/Bar-Ohki

Fanmix: Devil's Dance Floor: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/57686.html#cutid1

Here's a link to my minor works here on LJ: bar-ohki.livejournal.com/18404.html

This is up to date as of June 16th, 2009.


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Mar. 25th, 2010 05:23 am (UTC)
Wow.. it's really help me to read your other fictions^^

Yeah, i like "Song for daddy". I already read that fic in fanfiction.net, "closing time" amd "letters Home" too :D

Thanks a lot to you for it... ^w^
Mar. 25th, 2010 07:43 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you appreciate this. I use these for organization as much as my readers do I think.
Mar. 26th, 2010 03:41 am (UTC)
oh yeah? I'm glad too

ne, can I ask you somethings if you didn't mind?
Mar. 26th, 2010 04:29 pm (UTC)
I don't mind, ask away. But I will advise you to click on the 'reply' button underneath my post instead of commenting on the entry again. You do that to acknowledge a line of thought or conversation. ^^
Mar. 28th, 2010 08:54 am (UTC)
Thanks again, you realy help me this away^^
OK to the point, can teach me how to make some fiction? Please... =))
Mar. 28th, 2010 03:58 pm (UTC)
Well the first thing you do is write the story, or chapter or whatever in a word processor (you know, typing program).

Step two is sign into LJ and go to the upper bar and click on the button that says 'post'. This allows you to post an entry.

Copy and paste your story in there, put a title on it and click on 'post entry' at the bottom.

If you want to show your post to say, the people in the HiruMamo comm here, the first thing you do is join that community if you haven't yet. Then you post again, but this time you go to the little bar that should say 'Post To:' beside it. The default is 'riikun_mika'. Click on the down arrow and select 'HiruMamo'.

There you include a link to your story. There's a button on the post entry page that has a little picture of the planet Earth and a chain on the bottom. That's the hyperlink button, you just copy and paste the URL of the post with the story in it on the little window it gives you. The link will then appear in your little editing box.

You might want to write a little thing explaining the story above the hyperlink.

I generally give very detailed instructions because I don't know what you know about posting on LJ. I don't want you to feel dumb or anything, I just don't want there to be any miscommunication.
Apr. 1st, 2010 05:59 am (UTC)
wow it's very detail, I think I can understan about it.
Thanks full, I just can't said any word.

You're really help me, I don't want to be any miscommucation too. :)
Apr. 1st, 2010 06:01 am (UTC)
Good. I've had people get angry at me when I give detailed descriptions like that.

Either way, good luck posting!
Apr. 1st, 2010 06:24 am (UTC)
Hehehe.... I'll do my best, thanks so much Sensei^^ to teach me about it. I'm so happy
(Deleted comment)
May. 18th, 2010 11:31 pm (UTC)
Oh hai! Yeah I'm pretty active both places, I'm totally willing to exchange friending. ^^
(Deleted comment)
May. 18th, 2010 11:33 pm (UTC)
*bursts out laughing* It does that to me too. Which person are you on IJ?
(Deleted comment)
May. 18th, 2010 11:52 pm (UTC)
Ah! Okay! Just trying to put the right name to the right 'face' so to speak.
Jan. 17th, 2011 07:00 pm (UTC)
when will you update "Songs for Daddy"? XD
*is waiting for update*
Apr. 14th, 2011 11:00 am (UTC)
keep posting like this it’s really very good idea, you are awesome!

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